Atlas Tacky Grade IV Professional Blend

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Atlas Tacky Strength Grade IV has been formulated with top Strongmen and Strongwomen for use in competition to provide the strongest stick of any tacky on the market. It is ideal for the heaviest stones. Able to handle Extreme Heat, we have extensively tested this product in Dubai, Australia, Thailand and the hottest states of the USA.

  • Formulated for Elite Competition
  •  Our Stickiest Strongest Formula
  •  Specifically For Extreme Heat

Warning: This tacky does require some work to get it warm and ready if you are using it in cooler conditions. Absolutely not for beginners. Not recommended for outdoor use in colder climates.

Tacky will also reduce the load/stress on fingers, hands and biceps which can reduce the risk of injury and tendinitis.

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  • Not suitable for cold conditions!
  • Handmade in the UK

Available in 150ml (5.28oz) or 250ml (8.80oz)

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