Gavelo Gave Love Women Leggings




Product Description

GaveLove compression leggingsShow your body some love.
Love will get you there.
Love all.
Love, from the inside and out. Magic is what it’s all about.
Wear your love.
A comfortable and renowned fit for all kinds of body structures.
On this model it has our much appreciated waist.Fabric
Our tights are made with a 73% rPET and a 27% Lycra blend.
The rPET is polyester made out of recycled PET-bottles.
This polyester has the least effect on our natural resources.
The Lycra is in the blend to give the fabric its comfortable stretch.
You will experience a perfect fit thanks to one of the best materials on the market. It has compressing power and 360 degree stretch.
UPF 50 sun protection.

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