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Creatine is the most popular athlete’s diet supplement. It is known to increase athletes’ power levels and serial resistance. Creatine has been used in power plants for over 15 years and is known to be a safe food supplement. In the use of creatine, the most important is the correct dosage, proportional to body weight and muscle mass. FAST CREATINE is the highest quality German 100% Creapure® creamer monohydrate. If your goal is to increase muscle strength and serum resistance, it is definitely worth adding this product to your diet. If you are only about to start exercising, you will need 3-5 grams of a day. If you have been more active in the power, you can take CREATINE 5-10 grams a day (in two batches), depending on the amount of muscle mass and the intensity of the exercise. Note. Overdose is not helpful, so follow the dosage guide.Tip: If possible, it is advisable to take creatine with carbohydrates and / or whey protein, for example, in a reconstituted beverage.


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