Booty Builder Power Band – Pink


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Product Description

Our brand new Power Bands are perfect for hundreds of different exercises, like hip thrust, squats, deadlifts and pull ups.

  • Very durable, heavy duty material
  • 100% pure natural latex – no smell
  • Multi layered rubber to prevent from snapping

These tough bands have a long life span and are very durable to use.

Available in 3 striking colors. This pink Booty Builder Power Band has a tension rating (resistance level) of 10-35 LB (4-15 KG). See other colors below.

The BB Power Bands come with our innovative wrapping sleeve, which can be used as a handle that protects both your skin and the bands while working out.

Exercise your whole body with our resistance bands and get exercise tips by downloading our free Booty Builder App (available for both iOS and Android).

Booty Builder Power Bands are lightweight and portable. Take them with you on your vacation and never miss a workout!

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